Dayspring Christian Academy is committed to a sustainable growth level in all areas of school operation that does not alter the quality of education, the culture and attitude of family, and is committed to teaching and operating within the context of a Biblical worldview.

In an attempt to be good stewards, the desirable strategy for growth is to maximize the fullest potential of the facilities before considering new facility construction or growth beyond the current property limitations. All growth, both short and long term, will remain dependent upon the Lord’s provision, the school’s financial status, and the existing school program obligations. The primary vision and goal of growth at DCA is to build God’s Kingdom as He directs. The secondary vision and goal is to meet the needs of area parents who wish to partner with a Christian school in educating their children within the context of a Biblical worldview. As the local communities grow and change, DCA will seek to grow with it at a sustainable rate, and be an accurate reflection of the area communities.

Vision Statement

Dayspring Christian Academy is committed to growth that allows the school to offer area parents a high quality Christian school option that prepares students to influence their culture for Christ, allows South Attleboro Assembly of God Church and Dayspring Christian Academy the ability to increase the impact for Christ in the surrounding communities, and building the Kingdom of God in the greater South Attleboro area.