Student Handbook

Welcome to Dayspring Christian Academy & Liberty Christian High School

The Handbook is available for download on the side scroll.

Welcome to the Dayspring school family; your partnership with Daypring Christian Academy (DCA) or Liberty Christian High School (LCHS) is a first step towards a valuable relationship for years to come. Your child’s educational and spiritual development is important to us and we believe that your partnership with DCA/LCHS will be a blessing to your family. The DCA/LCHS faculty and staff stand ready to help to serve you and your family in any way that we can, so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance or guidance.

This handbook is designed to explain the DCA/LCHS policies and procedures, but does not preclude the fact that individual teachers may have additional classroom expectations. Please read this handbook carefully and help your child understand the relevant portions. Each student is expected to follow these rules and be governed by the policies set forth herein. You are asked to sign the Parent Agreement and thereby confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the contents of this handbook. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in this handbook, please contact the school office.

You have made a wise decision to provide a Christ-centered education for your child. A Christian education at DCA/LCHS will help to promote a Biblical worldview in your child and develop your child‘s unique God-given gifts and talents. While parents are their child’s primary educators, the objective of DCA/LCHS is to partner with parents in this educational process. Working together, your child will grow in the “Nurture and admonition of the Lord”-Ephesians 6:4. DCA/LCHS is accountable to God for the time your child is here. Let us agree to pray for one another and to resolve every situation to demonstrate our Christian love for each other.