Specialized Academics

The Dayspring school family is proud to offer the highest quality education with many special classes that other schools are doing away with. Our teachers specialize in their areas of expertise and training to add value to the overall learning experience.

Specialist Department Head

Christene and her husband Jason have been married for 22 years and have two daughters, Hannah, age 18, and Ashley age 13. They believe in the value of Christian education and have been invested in Dayspring since their daughters began Preschool. Hannah is in her first year of college and majoring in Forensic Science”, and Ashley is in the 8th grade at Dayspring.  Christene and her family have attended Crossroads International Church for over 25 years, where she volunteers as a children’s church teacher.

Christene has been certified through ACSI and ACTS teacher certification. She also has a Social Work degree and is a Certified Mental Health Coach. Christene has a heart for children/youth and is the Resource Teacher for Dayspring/LCHS, where she provides individualized support to students. She is also the Specialist Department Head in addition to her supporting role in administrative operations of the school.

Weekly special classes are offered in the following areas:


Physical Education:- Developing the mind and body is an essential component in the learning process.

Art:- Unique creations are drawn out of each student as they discover their hidden talents.

Music:- Mastery, performance and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the fine arts is developed.

Technology:- Real world training and project based learning make computers come alive as a tool in every student’s portfolio for the future and now.

Spanish:- Foreign language development at younger grades prepares students for future success and cultural awareness.

Chapel:- Spiritual formation builds the faith of students and teaches them to worship God, develop values and love each other.

Library:- The expanded and newly updated library gives access to instruction and many resources.

Resource:- Our resource teacher equips students with the knowledge, study skills, and access to a vast wealth of information and individualized instruction.

Health:- Students learn about wellness and well-being with integrated spiritual content and appropriate worldview.