Middle School

The Middle School at DCA offers an outstanding track to prepare students for success in high school.  The foundation of our middle school program is the five core subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Bible, History, and Science.  These are supported by our auxiliary courses, which include Spanish, Music, Art, Health, Technology, Physical Education, and Study Skills.  Our Middle School offers opportunities for development in leadership through the National Junior Honor Society.  Our extra-curricular activities provide our students opportunities for growth in acting, drama production, music and other art forms, and athletics. Our teaching, which springs from a Christian worldview, equips our students to face the challenging realm of high school and beyond successfully.

Middle School Department Head

Sharon Barnes has been ministering in Christian Education for over 20 years. This is her third year at DCA/LCHS.  She has worked in a broad variety of positions throughout the span of her career.  These position range from teaching in elementary school through high school office manager, as well as an elementary principal.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Hyles-Anderson College.


Sharon has been married to her husband Rodney for 32 years, and they have three grown children.

Cathrine H
Catherine Howland

Secondary School Teacher

Robert Fitzgerald, MS_HS Math Teacher

Robert Fitzgerald

Secondary School Teacher

Emmanuel Sutka, MS_HS History Teacher

Emmanuel Sutka

Secondary School Teacher

Tim Todaro, MS_HS ELA Teacher

Tim Todaro

Secondary School Teacher


Bible: Positive Action for Christ

Math:  Holt McDougal

Science: 6th grade: Prentice Hall – Motion, Forces, and Energy
7th grade: Prentice Hall – Life Science: Explorer from Bacteria to Plants
8th grade: Science Curriculum Inc.

English Language Arts: EMC Publishers and Holt, Reinheart and Winston

History: Bob Jones University

Study Skills: Mangrum-Strichart

Spanish: 6th grade: Prentice Hall Realidades A
7th grade: Prentice Hall Realidades 1
8th grade: Prentice Hall Realidades A/B