Fine Arts

Why do children enjoy making art? At Dayspring, we believe they got their love for creating from their Heavenly Father, the ultimate Creator. Our goal is to encourage that creative joy.
Art is a wonderful way to appreciate God’s world, express our feelings and ideas, and build perseverance and integrity as we bring projects to completion.

Dayspring’s art program celebrates the hidden creativity and talent in each student.  Through challenging and fun projects, they battle fear and learn to trust God to create something beautiful through them.
Liberty Christian High School students can take Art as an elective with our RISD Graduate teacher!

Art projects typically take from several weeks to several months to complete. During that process students are learning multiple new techniques, skills, and most importantly: how to work hard and not give up. At our annual Fine Arts Night exhibition in the spring, their creations will hang on the wall for all to enjoy.

Music is a gift woven into humanity by God our Creator. It is both an art and a science, speaking to analytical and creative students. Heaven will be filled with music. Therefore, any musical experience we can enjoy now is a taste of the heavenly concert to come.

At Dayspring Christian Academy, students are encouraged in the many forms of musical exploration in weekly classes. Classes are geared to include different learning styles and natural affinities, allowing all personality types to join in the group, and have lead/solo opportunities. DCA also strives to foster an environment where it is safe to try something new; to make a mistake, correct it, and try again. All grades study traditional sheet music and learn the basics of classical singing form. These broaden our students’ horizons and allows them to pursue private music lessons, or join a band or choir with confidence. Other areas of musical study include International Song and Dance (1st -4th grade), Recorder study (1st-5th grade), American Instruments (5th grade), ancient through modern Music History, Classic Musicals, Acoustic Guitar Ensemble, Basic Songwriting, and American Musical Genres (all 6th-8th grade). Liberty Christian High school students are offered Music as an elective where they can get credit for participation and performance in the High School chapel band!

The skills gained develop confidence, perseverance, cultural and historical appreciation, relieve stress and increase focus, increase oral and physiological presentation skills, develop creative writing talent, and teach Godly perspectives on the music and entertainment world.

In addition to several other extra-curricular musical activities that are available year-round, we offer an annual Fine Arts Night which features student instrumentals, vocals, dance, rap, etc. We are so grateful for a community of parents who support their children through all forms of creative art at DCA and LCHS.