DCA tuition is collected through FACTS Tuition Management Company. All enrolled families are required to create a FACTS account to arrange for the monthly collection of tuition payments. All other fees and school expenses will be collected through Ren Web. Please do not send tuition payments to school with your child.

Dayspring Christian Academy makes financial and employment decisions based on anticipated enrollment. When a family withdraws anytime following enrollment and prior to the end of the school year it causes a hardship on the school. Therefore, non-exemption withdrawals, withdrawals for reasons other than those stated below, will result in the payment of a full semester’s tuition after the student has attended any portion of the year. Once a non-exemption withdrawal has occurred, whether it is the decision of the school or the parent, transcripts will not be released until the remainder of the tuition owed for the year has been paid in full. Administration will not be able to grant any exceptions to this policy.

Tuition Payment Options

DCA offers three tuition payment options. The first is a pre-pay (pay in full) option. Pre-payments must be made by August 1st in order to receive the discount, no exceptions or extensions will be made. The second option is a ½ and ½ payment. The first half of the full tuition is due by September 1st, at which point half of the total discount will be credited. The second half of the total tuition is due by January 1st, at which point the remaining half of the discount will be credited. If the second payment is not made by January 1st, the remaining total amount due will be divided over the next six months and a FACTS account will be required for monthly payments. The third option is the monthly payment plan, in which the total tuition will be divided over a ten month period.


All fees (application, enrollment, athletics, field trips, etc.) are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.


If circumstances occur that force you to delay a payment, please call the school office one week in advance of due date so that arrangements can be made. When a family account is 30 days overdue, a $50 fee will be assessed. Contact with the school must be made at that point. When a family account has reached 60 days in delinquency, and no arrangement for payment has been made and adhered to, the student(s) continued enrollment will be in jeopardy and may be denied admittance to DCA immediately after the 60 day delinquency period.

Tuition Assistance

Dayspring Christian Academy (DCA) does offer tuition assistance (scholarship). Application is made through FACTS for qualified families. Scholarship is awarded on a financial needs basis. The process of determining tuition assistance that is needed, and thus the scholarship award, is determined by FACTS Tuition Management Company. Tuition assistance applications can be obtained on the FACTS website at Applications will only be available between January 1st and April 30th. All applications must be completed by April 30th. Any applications, complete or incomplete, received after April 30th may not be considered.


Dayspring Christian Academy (DCA) endeavors to keep tuition rates affordable for the benefit of each parent. For this reason, DCA operates several fund-raising programs and anticipates each parent’s participation in assisting the school in raising the additional funds needed. DCA is a non-profit organization and maintains a tax-exempt status. The school receives no federal assistance.

Early Withdraw

Exceptions to the payment of a full semester’s tuition are granted for company/military transfers required to maintain one’s employment or relocation because of the loss of employment. A letter documenting such a required move will be sufficient proof to waive the payment of a full semester’s tuition. Exemption requests need to be submitted to the administrator in writing and may be delivered to the school office at any time.

After the first month’s tuition has been deducted, refunds on tuition paid for a student who has been withdrawn for an exempted reason will be prorated according to weeks attended and the remaining weeks in the semester that the student attended. Attendance for one day in any week will be considered as attendance for an entire week. Since the school operates on a 20-week per semester calendar, each week attended will equal 1/20th of the semester’s worth of the annual tuition due plus the first month’s tuition. Refunds will be mailed no later than 30 days after withdraw from school, provided that all books, school issued athletic equipment/uniforms, and any other school property have been returned in good condition.

After-care Fees

After/extended care fees are billed monthly. Parents are to check their balance via Ren Web by the 5th of the every month. Payments are due by the last business day of the month. We accept cash, check, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. We do not accept American Express.

Hot Lunch

Hot lunches are ordered a week ahead. We only accept cash or checks for lunches. We do not make change or give credit. If a child is absent on the day they have ordered lunch, they forfeit that lunch. Lunches cannot be saved or sent home. All lunches ordered late are $5.00/lunch.